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From Humble beginnings to National Bakers


The bakery was started by Mr. Oscar McLean who was born in Jamaica and came to the UK when he was 16 years old. Known as First United Bakery, it started trading in 1994 starting with just eight 32kg bags of flour and initially employed 4 people who had experience in baking traditional West Indian buns and bread. Mr. Oscar McLean's vision was to bake traditional breads and buns that were enjoyed in the Caribbean, capturing every aspect of the flavours and texture of breads that he enjoyed back home in Jamaica.


In these early days, Mr. Oscar McLean solely covered many aspects of running a business, from driving the delivery vehicle to Sales and Marketing, Health & Safety, Purchasing, Production, as well as anything else that was laid in front of him.


Due to the authenticity, taste and texture of the product, along with hard work and determination, the weekly intake of eight 32kg bags of flour, steadily increased to the point that by the year 2000 the weekly intake rose to 10 tons. This resulted in having to move to purpose built premises to accommodate the phenomenal growth that he achieved. With this new chapter in the growth of the bakery, there was an increase in staffing to 20 employees. It also resulted in the appointment of Mr. Ronald Beckford who took the role of General Manager, overseeing production and day to day operations. Mr. Ronald Beckford became the driving force for continued growth and expansion.


From this point, growth and expansion, although rapid, was controlled to ensure our quality was never compromised. Our customer base, which was traditionally market traders within small market towns, grew to Cash and Carry outlets, and wholesalers. Some of our largest distributors at the time were Sata Wallah and Wanis wholesalers in London to name but a few. Our delivery fleet increased to 5, 2 of which were 7.5 ton vehicles to manage the volumes that were being produced.


At this point, we saw the opportunity to open five of our own outlets, enabling us to also supply our products direct to the public. The Bakery shop at the manufacturing premises opened in 2000, followed by the shop in the Birmingham Bullring shopping center in 2003, Soho Road in 2004, Wolverhampton in 2006 and finally Cape Hill 2008. Currently, we have the Bullring shop and the Factory outlet that we supply directly out of, the others have been franchised out.


The next milestone in our history was on September 29th 2011, when we changed from First United Bakery to First National Bakery, that became a board controlled company with shares. This change saw the appointment of Mr. Oscar McLean, Mr. Ronald Beckford and Mr. Richard Francis as directors of the newly restructured company. Mr. Richard Francis took on the role of Strategic Development Director, and Financial Controller.


First National Bakery prides itself on being master bakers of traditional West Indian style loaf. The authenticity of our products relies entirely on our proficiency and expertise in the universal art of Caribbean bread making. It is our attention to the finer details which makes our products stand out amongst other bakers. The quality of our products is important to us; which is why a number of our products are hand-finished giving our products that personal touch.


We have established ourselves nationally supplying to markets, retailers, and wholesalers and not forgetting directly to you the public from our factory shop.


The key to our success is providing excellent customer care and services; whilst producing first class products that are second to none. It is our mission to bring baked Caribbean style foods to the forefront of the food industry putting them on par with other world foods. So why not try one of our breads, buns and sweet breads today and enjoy a real taste of the Caribbean.


At First National Bakery we have an extensive range of breads including African and Caribbean style buns and cakes originated from the Caribbean. They can be enjoyed alone or to accompany any dish whether its meat, veg. or fish. For your everyday needs and those special occasions. Our range includes:-


Medium Square Sliced Bread  White Bread Cobs  Medium Spiced Bun 




Duck Bread  Hi-Top  Pride of Africa Sweet Bread 

Seasonal Ranges


Pride of Africa Sweet Bread




Bread is a staple food in Europe, European derived cultures such as the Americans, the Middle East and North Africa, as opposed to East Asia whose staple is rice. It is prepared by cooking dough of flour, water and additional ingredients. Referred colloquially as the "staff of life", bread has been prepared for at least 30,000 years. The development of leavened bread can probably also be traced to prehistoric times.


Sometimes, the word bread refers to a sweetened loaf cake, often containing appealing ingredients like dried fruit, chocolate chips, nuts or spices, such as pumpkin bread, banana bread or gingerbread. Fresh bread is prized for its taste, aroma, quality, appearance and texture. Retaining its freshness is important to keep it appetizing.



First National Bakery products evolution

Product evolution at First National Bakery